Wellness Wednesday - Tum-Ease from Biostar EQ Offers GI Tract Support in a Whole Food Formula

Tum-Ease, made convenient in small cookie-like bars (that horses love!), provides specific foods to coat and protect the GI tract from stomach acid burn.
Tum-Ease, made convenient in small cookie-like bars (that horses love!), provides specific foods to coat and protect the GI tract from stomach acid burn.

Gordonsville, VA – Maintaining a horse’s digestive tract, particularly the ulcer-prone or ulcer sensitive horse, is the key to optimum health and performance. Biostar EQ’s Tum-Ease, made convenient in small cookie-like bars, provides specific foods to coat and protect the GI tract from stomach acid burn, and targeted nutrients to help support the delicate intestinal mucosa. Tigger Montague, founder and formulator at Biostar EQ talks about how this formula came to be. “In the wild, horses graze 22 hours a day; when the horses sense danger, the flight reaction kicks into gear and increases adrenalin and cortisol levels for a short period of time.

Stomach acid production also increases. The horses run from the danger - from a couple of hundred yards, to half a mile or more. Then they go back to grazing. Cortisol and adrenal levels drop, and stomach acid is buffered by saliva and forage. When we ride and train, the horses’ GI tract is unprotected from stomach acid production particularly during trot and canter; a little of the acid can actually spill onto the delicate intestinal mucosa causing irritation and increased sensitivity. Horses begin to expect this “acid burn” and become girthy, sensitive to the rider’s leg, or unfocused in work. Tum-Ease is designed to be fed before the horse works, as the horse is being tacked up so that by the time the rider gets on, the mucosa is protected from stomach acid production. It can also be fed during periods of stress with trailering, showing, and farrier/vet visits,” said Tigger.

Biostar EQ’s Tum-Ease bars contain micro crystallized aloe, a more potent form of the gel that coats the GI tract. It also contains organic cabbage, which is one of the richest sources of the amino acid, glutamine, which has been long studied for its benefits to the intestinal mucosa and its ability to help heal damaged areas of the GI tract. Tum-Ease also provides papaya which forms protection against excess acid production and can help keep reflux from damaging the esophagus. Tum-Ease additionally includes important whole food support from yellow lentils, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and whole apples.

Tigger’s and Biostar EQ’s mission is simple, give horses access to whole food so that there is less stress to the digestive system and corresponding body systems. In this way horses can better utilize the nutrients in feed and supplements. Biostar EQ’s products including Tum-Ease are organic and GMO(genetically modified) free, petrochemical free and coal tar derivative free supplements for horses. One of the biggest factors that sets Biostar apart, is their dehydration process which ensures that all the nutrients, enzymes, and vital factors in the foods have not been destroyed by heat (cooking).

Shannon Peters, world class FEI dressage rider had nothing but good things to say about Biostar EQ’s Tum-Ease, "I use Tum-Ease every day with my horses, just before I ride them and just after to help lessen the effects of acid build up in their stomach while they are working. My horses love them, and I feel Tum Ease really helps protect their GI tract."

Biostar EQ offers a complete line of whole food supplements and formulas free of petrochemicals and  coal tar derivatives for top level athletes and performance horses, including Tum-Ease. For more information on Biostar EQ products and whole food diets for horses, visit their website at www.biostareq.com.