Wellness Wednesday - My Biostar Story: Siep from Third Level to FEI Success!

When the 11-year-old Dutch bred gelding named Siep came to Pierucci Dressage last year he was a solid Third level horse who could not focus in training. His new trainer, Pati Pierucci commented that “his mind would go one way, and his body another. At times he was all over the place.” One of the obvious physical issues Pati needed to address were Siep’s feet which were brittle with unhealthy walls. And he regularly went sore for several days after shoeing. She switched Siep from the processed feed he was getting to a whole food diet of molasses - free beet pulp, whole oats, flax seeds, alfalfa cubes plus Biostar’s formulas: Optimum, Furnace, Hemp Oil, and Flex Well.

Three months later the horse was doing his first Prix St Georges. Pati says, “Getting the processed feed and sugar out of his diet helped him focus. As his body started feeling better he could use it in a new way.” Four months after Siep began the whole food diet, his coat had dappled and bloomed. “His eye was bright, and he had a great attitude, and he had the muscles of an FEI horse”, Pati recalls. It took six months before there was improvement in the quality of the feet, and he was no longer tender-footed after shoeing. “The whole program has made him low maintenance,” Pati says, “he has not needed to be on anything other than his Biostar supplements. He hasn’t needed any Adequan or Legend.”

Siep has taken 2 of Pati’s working students to USDF medals: one student to a Bronze medal, the other to her Silver medal. In fact Siep earned a 2nd place at Prix St Georges in Florida this winter earning a 67% with a student who was a first time FEI rider. His scores have ranged from 70% at PSG to 66% at Intermediare-I.

“Siep is a high performance horse, schooling Grand Prix, who would be a terrific Young Rider horse, and could go on to do the Brentina Cup,” Pati says. She also points out that “the whole food diet and Biostar products have given Siep the ability to meet each goal set up by me and my students. The diet and products have taken a very nice Third level horse and helped him become a competitive FEI horse.”