Wellness Wednesday - Jody Childs Del Dios Peruvians Back in the Saddle - Fibromyalgia, YourSANO and a Healer Who Cares!

Our acquaintance and story began at Performance Horse in Bonsall, California, where we first met Jody Childs and her young riding student. A presentation by Dr. Marvin Hausman was the draw as Fribromyalgia has been her plague for years.  An introduction to Keith Manfred and the famous Doctor (an Immunologist and Pediatric Kidney Transplant Surgeon) was the turning point in Jody’s life. At the time of introduction Jody had a walking migraine (which is common for people who suffer from this malady). Doc’s presentation revealed the magic of ‘the mushroom’. His products are a proprietary blend of mushrooms from around the world benefitting humans, horses and pets. Dr. Hausman’s empathy and sincerity about Jody’s condition convinced her to try the Immusano, to help reduce the inflammation in her body.

She walked away from the presentation with samples of Immusano for herself and YourSANO Equine for her horse. Jody popped two pills as soon as she got to her car and by the end of the evening her headache and body aches had subsided - she couldn’t remember the last time she felt that relaxed.  She contacted Keith Manfred to find out more about these amazing products.

Although Jody never stopped riding it was a constant battle getting through the day with the debilitating aches and pains, ‘foggy’ head and lack of focus.  “Taking these products has been life-changing and over time has enabled me to stay more focused for longer periods. My Palomino horse is on the YourSANO Equine and the benefits are noticeable. He is less flighty and much more focused – in fact we had a flawless audition for a television show. There were 1000 contestants and we made it to the Top 100. We are very excited. I now have my Peruvian mare on the YourSANO Equine products and I plan to ride and audition with her, for this year’s television show,” says a beaming Jody! “I could not have done it without the Immusano and I recommend this to everyone. I have a mature clientele, some of whom have never ridden before, and I feel that my horses are safer because of YourSANO Equine.”

Jody and I meet at the stables…there’s a quiet as the morning unfolds and the sun creeps into the sky. Horses impatiently kicking the stalls and smacking their lips; waiting for breakfast. All hands moving around them with a purpose… muck, feed, water and ride. Jody Childs, with 21 horses, calls Del Dios in Bonsall, California their home. This “God Given” space, as the name implies, is nestled in horse country next to a riverbed. There’s a bustling efficiency to get the work done before the day becomes parched and horse lovers and riders arrive for lessons and guidance.

Jody shows and introduces me to her handsome, nine year old, Peruvian gelding.  They are a perfect match with their blonde manes coursing gently over their shoulders and at the end of it all, she invited me to ride. “You can’t believe it until you do it… no jarring; beautiful gait; amazing horses for those of us that suffer from Fibro… or other limitations such as arthritis, neck and back injuries, knee replacement or just general malaise,” says Jody. An ever-so-gentle squeeze of the knees, pluck on the reins and click of the tongue put us in motion; a smooth sideways glide in the saddle. “In other words, an exhilarating full-body massage,” to quote Jody. “Good enough to elevate your mood and carry you through the day,” she says, as her coy smile peeps out from under the brim of her hat.

I had an absolutely fabulous morning, down on the ranch!