Wellness Wednesday - Grooms, Riders, Trainers Beware the Dangers of a Spider’s Bite

Most of us have heard of the Brown recluse spider (also known as the fiddleback spider, brown fiddler or violin spider) and fortunately not many of us have encountered one. Not so for Sheryl Covert! Five weeks ago Sheryl and her daughter Victoria were attending a rodeo event, north of Los Angeles. Sheryl woke up Saturday morning feeling “bad”. She realized she could not sit against the chair without it causing pain in her lower back and she could feel a large bump just above her tailbone. Her friend observed and confirmed that she had been bitten and the wound was large and purple. She suggested Sheryl have it seen to but Sheryl, not realizing the seriousness, continued about her day.

She went to bed early with flu-like symptoms and was unable to complete the rodeo. Sunday morning, with a temperature of 105 degrees, chills, nausea and a headache, she went to Urgent Care where the staff was concerned enough to call the doctor off his break.

She was immediately admitted to the hospital with arrhythmia and a cardiologist was consulted to determine how to regulate her heart and to determine if she needed heart surgery. Her heart and intestines had been poisoned by the venom from a ‘Brown recluse spider’. At this point Sheryl found it difficult to remember the sequence of events. Three different surgeries were needed to remove the ‘dead tissue’(necrosis) – seven and a half inches of flesh was cut away and the wound was flushed daily for four weeks - you could see her tailbone.

After the first two surgeries, she realized that she was not getting any better. It was then she remembered how she treated her horses’ wounds and how she treated her daughter’s wounds after an accident. She took her horses’ YourSANO mushroom powder; added water to make a poultice and packed it under the gauze dressing that the doctor had taped to the wound. She was scared!  However, the doctors were amazed at the rapid recovery she started to make. 

The doctors told her that they would not have let her continue as an outpatient if she had not been so physically fit. The deciding factor was due to a strong immune system (which she feels is the result of the YourSANO mushrooms). She eats well, works out every day and is an extremely lucky 46 year old woman who could have died from this bite had it not been for her overall good health.  

Sheryl takes YourSANO D-Traum every day (and doubled the dose when she thought she had the flu coming on). Once she realized the severity of her problem she started to add mushroom powder to green tea and drank that daily. Now that the doctors have been able to stabilize her heart, Sheryl feels she was healing internally with the YourSANO D-Traum mushroom supplements and externally with her horses’ YourSANO mushroom powder, which she used for a poultice.

Once in a while she feels weak and tired and sometimes nauseous but the hole in her back has healed over leaving the medical staff able to concentrate on her intestines, which have also suffered from the bite.

All in all, Sheryl feels that her healing is nothing short of miraculous and that her physical condition and the YourSANO products helped the doctors in her fight for life.  She has been taking mushroom supplements for years now – internally and externally on her animals and her family.

The previously scheduled fourth surgery will probably not be needed.