Wellness Wednesday: Aloe Vera and Ulcers


Could supplementing a horse’s diet with aloe vera gel work as well as commercial products for reducing the effects of gastric ulcers? Researchers from the University of Adelaide in South Australia sought to find out in a recently published study.

Gastric ulcers are an extremely common ailment in horses, especially performance horses. Ulcers cause pain and discomfort that manifest in subtle ways, including attitude or behavior changes and a decrease in performance.

There are several commercial products on the market that have been created to alleviate ulcers in horses. Most of these contain the active ingredient omeprazole. However, some horse owners feed an aloe vera supplement to treat ulcers.

In the conducted study, the healing rates for the horses treated with aloe vera were between 17 and 56 percent. The healing rate for those treated with omeprazole was between 75 and 85 percent,

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