Wellington Dressage Continues

Patricia Becker And Tsunami Win USET Intermediaire I

In the final class of the afternoon, Patricia Becker and Tsunami won the $1,000 USET Intermediaire I, a Qualifying Competition for the USET Intermediaire I Championship. Becker and Tsunami topped a class of 12 horses. While the judges were unanimous in their choice of the top three, their rankings varied.

Officiating were Ransehousen at H, MacDonald at C, and MaCartney at B. Their marks for Becker were 281, 275, and 260 for a total of 68.00%, which placed her first.

Two judges, MacDonald and MaCartney, scored Catherine Morelli on BeSe as the winner. The judges' marks for Morelli were 270, 278, and 266, which he4r in second place with 67.833%. The judges' tallies for Kathy Priest were 274, 260, and 266, which gave her 66.667% and third place, though Ransehousen placed this pair second, and MaCartney tied them for first place with Morelli.