Welcome to the Unofficial First Day of Summer at Devon

One of the largest crowds in recent history streamed through the gates of the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair on Day 3.... the unofficial first day of summer.  The weather could not have been nicer, and the holiday spirit was in the air to be sure.

Whether you were there for the rides on the midway or to watch the pony hunt team riders in costume, there was something for everyone.  Even if you were under 4 years old there was a lead line class for you and say 50 or so of your closest little buddies (and there really were that many).  For the serious equestrian, the heavy hitters of the Junior Hunter and Pony Hunter Divisions were out in full force. No one was left wanting for something to do, eat, watch or enjoy.

As the last of the hot shot pony riders were collecting their ribbons in the Gold Ring, strange creatures started appearing in the pony schooling area............Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, killer bees, cops and robbers, as well as lions, and tigers and bears....oh my.....Yes, it was time for the Pony Hunt Teams competition.

Make no mistake about it, these threesomes, who have to jump a course, finishing over the last jump (three abreast mind you) in unison were competitive.....and not above bribing the judges either.  Grown-ups carrying "swag" for the judges could be seen plotting and planning in every nook and cranny. The cheers that went up for each team drowned out the sounds of huge crowds around the Dixon Oval.....that gives you an idea of just how popular this Devon favorite is.