On the Way to S'Hertogenbosch!

It is 3.30 in Germany and we are on our way to the World Cup. The photo I took from the van window of a typical trailer in Europe, it's funny how different some things are over here. We are in a very large horse van with space for 6 large horses, 9 smaller ones, or in our case, 2 with equipment.

We still don't know if George Williams will ride in the open CDI at the World Cup, he stayed at Balkenhol's stable and will come on Wednesday if he gets into the show. In Europe there is only space for 2 Americans per CDI unless the show organizer asked the FEI for more spots than normal.

When Americans come to compete in Europe it is more difficult to get into the shows. It makes competing here confusing and I am looking forward to speaking with Gill Merrick the USEF's high performance director to figure it out. I may miss opportunities because I do not understand the rules over here. Long story short, I hope George gets in as the more Americans the more fun.

My new hero is Ariel Matiesse, she is the Young Rider grooming for Courtney at the World Cup. She had the best fundraising idea I have heard in a long time.

One of my problems with paying for the World Cup is I didn't know how to ask for money being 5th on the list, I did not want to assume it would be me, but when I was told I was going I decided my credit would have to do because it was too late to fundraise, sound familiar Young Rider's?

Ariel's idea is to do a fundraising pledge drive asking people to pledge an amount that they give only if you accomplish your goal. I am far enough down on the top 12 Olympic list that I don't know if I am going. Via email or real mail people can pledge a contribution to my Olympic trials fund and if I don't go you never give any money, if I am chosen then the donation would be collected.

I have felt odd asking for money as I never know until 2 weeks before if I am going or not and keeping money promised for a goal feels wrong. I think every JR/Yr in the country should start an individual pledge sheet now for Championships, or any other goal you have. If you make the team you can go and no one feels awkward about giving back the money. Is this the best idea, or what???

In closing if anyone has a question I can answer about my time here email it to teamhannigan@hotmail.com. Ask anything, if I can answer it I will.
Smiles! Jane

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