Way To Go, To A Show, with Michael Poulin

Dressage Olympian Michael Poulin, and his Skylark Cessna 182, along with his wife Sharon and DeLeon Springs neighbor and DressageDaily's Mary Phelps, took the direct route to judge The Miami-Dade Winter Dressage Show at The Tropical Horseman's Park, February 26 and 27.

" I remember the very first time I met Michael, in 1975, at Kathryn Boyer's facility in upstate New York." Mary reminisced. "I was grooming for my riding teacher, Pat Kelly Jacobson, and Michael had flown his plane in from Maine for a weekend clinic. Years later after settling in central Florida, I was finally able to convince the Poulin's to check out the area, which led to the construction of their training facility The Dressage Center, just down the road. Now I get to hitch a ride from time to time when we both have the same destination!"

Joining "O" Judge Linda Zang, the husband and wife judging team of Michael and Sharon Poulin judged the two day show organized by Klaus and Maria Fraessdorf, covered by DressageDaily and the Phelps/Hathaway Photo and Video Team.