Watch the Video Trailer! A Must Read ! Karen McGoldrick’s ‘The Dressage Chronicles’



With the busy Dressage 2012 year about to launch, have we got a fun treat for our readers, and a perfect Christmas gift for anyone remotely associated with Dressage. When you start reading The Dressage Chronicles you will find yourself faced with a dilemma. Do you scrap cooking dinner and order take-out, forget about paying bills one more day, and ignore the tumbleweeds of dog hair that are drifting across the kitchen floor? Of course you do! Reading Karen McGoldrick’s novel about the life of a working student at a famous dressage trainer’s fancy digs in south Florida is just way too much fun to put aside. I had so much fun reading this book when I had my RV in Lexington at Reese Koffler-Stanfieled’s Maplecrest Farm, and then I passed it onto her. “I loved it and have passed it around to all my working students and clients for a fun and entertaining read.” Reese told me. “I felt like I was back in Wellington for season. This book would make a great gift for any horse person.”

Karen gets the details right.  The horses and riders, while not exactly identifiable, are real enough.  You won’t find any of those jarring moments that you find in other so-called “horsey” novels where the horses do un-horse-like things. And men and romance, while not absent, always take the back seat to the real stars here, the horses and the training.
Not only that, but Karen writes in a style that is clear and unpretentious.  You will find plenty of humor, lots of stress and strain, and the inevitable heartbreaks that come with the territory.

All of the dozens of reviews on Karen’s work are five-star. She plans to publish three more novels in this series.

Karen has also produced a rider’s training journal, which makes an especially nice gift.  The training journal is called Your Dressage Chronicles.  It features 12 of Karen’s non-fiction essays on training and riding, and 15 beautiful photos from the European dressage scene taken by Italian photographer Selene Scarsi.

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Note from Bossmare: Be sure to buy the book from the website before you go running to Amazon, the writer gets more of the profit this way.

The Dressage Chronicles Book Trailer

Author Karen McGoldrick on "The Dressage Chronicles"