Watch Live - Totilas and Matthias Rath in Muenchen

14.12 Hour -
As all things that surround world famous Totilas- everything is followed in detail and is news. Last Monday star Totilas arrived in Muenchen. He is not stabled in a tent, but in a brick building, accompanied by his play balls, a present from his former partner Edward Gal that are supposed to give him a feeling like being at home. This morning in training his relaxation was impressive. Matthias Rath did his morning work at ease and relaxed too, with hardly any visitor at 8.00 a.m. A wonderful piaffe and passage tour, magnificently performed extensions in canter and in between long breaks with walk on a long reign. Totilas used the breaks to look around, quite relaxed and interested and probably surprised by the missing audience this time. And the ones to be present were not only the trainers but an onlooker asked her neighbor "who ever that could be? A name written down at the saddle pad could have been helpful?"
Only the red colored cheeks of Matthias Rath show his internal attitude of concentration. Stepmother Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff isn't totally at ease and Rath's personal press speaker Kai Meesters has no way to be at ease either as his phone is ringing constantly to answer the persistent 'no' to withheld journalists from stable-interviews, visits and personal picture-sessions. Horses need their rest, and especially Totilas who will have three very busy weeks to come.

The look of Totilas is changed during the last months. He looks to have lost some weight. From the heavy typed athlete more or less a more blood typed athlete seems to have grown. And the pair makes a good fit and seems to have become a really fitting pair better every day. The only lections which can not convince at the moment are the tempi changes. It seems to be difficult to preserve the impulsion and go while also the hind legs have to preserve the canter rhythm...