A Visit With Jordan Stables, The Netherlands

When Amanda Parsons, from Applewood Farm, Alpharetta, Georgia, goes horse shopping in Holland, one of the first stops she makes is Jordan Stables, just and hour away from the Schiphol Airport.

"I met Patrick Schutte, when I was living in Europe and have maintained a wonderful business and personal relationship with Patrick ever since." Said Parsons. Some of the horses she purchased from Jordan Stables have been Kasper, the horse being competed by Kathy Priest, most recently at Dressage of the Americas, Blainville, Canada, Parson's own horse Region 3 Champion, Jordan, her spectacular little mare Ferrero, "9 on gaits every time out, a computer chip Young Rider mount", Otto, a four year old superstar, and various others.

"All of my dealings with them have resulted in bringing great horses home at a budget that myself and clients can afford and all have gone so smoothly. Patrick and Martin Rep, the owner of Jordan Stables, astound me with their continued honesty and good characters. The horses that Patrick represents have proven to be all that I expected of them. On my recent horse shopping trip to Holland I once again was pleased with the quality and dispositions of the horses that he had for me to see, Omega and Nipos are on their way to Applewood at the end of the month.

On Amanda's suggestion, we visited Jordan Stables during our recent trip to Europe, and visited Patrick Schutte and Martin Rep, and saw just a small selection of horses they had in their barn. Their website is kept current with the latest additions to the Jordan Stables collection, and we were impressed with the pricing, and selection. Whether making the trip on your own, or working together with Amanda Parsons at Applewood Farm, horse shoppers are just a click away from an affordable adventure.Related Links
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