Victoria Colvin Wins Big in Junior Hunter Stake

As the $2,500 Junior Hunter Stake took over the Dixon Oval Saturday afternoon, the crowd grew to watch what the juniors have been trying to prove since Thursday; they have what it takes to be a stand-out at Devon.  At the end of the day the strenuous efforts and undeniable talent shone from the Dixon Oval, and the top riders were recognized for their consistent unsurpassable aptitude. 

The afternoon kicked off with the Small Junior Hunter Stake, 16 & 17 with 24 entries hoping to have the top score once completing the 3'6'' course.  Anna Cardelfe riding Nadia, whom she also owns, grasped the first win of the afternoon in the Small Junior Hunter Stake with a score of 87. Moving onto the younger group in the Small Junior Hunter Stake, 15 & Under, as suspected, Victoria Colvin and Ovation, owned by Dr. Betsee Parker came out on top with a score of 91. It would be a spot Victoria would become accustomed to as the day progressed.

Continuing on to the higher age group in the Large Junior Hunter Stake, 16 &17, the pair of Bishonen, owned by Southfields Farm LLC of Wellington, FL and David Oberkircher took the first place finish with a score of 86. Once again Victoria Colvin made an appearance with the blue ribbon on Way Cool in the Large Junior Hunter Stake, 15 & Under with a winning score of 88.

Making it into the money with all four horses, and two outstanding wins on both Ovation and Way Cool, Victoria Colvin won the Jeffrey B. Wilson Memorial Challenge Trophy. Not only did she win her classes but she also won the titles of Small Junior Hunter Champion, 15 & Under on Ovation, Large Junior Hunter Champion, 15 & Under on Way Cool, Overall Small Junior Hunter Champion on Ovation, Devon Grand Junior Hunter Champion on Ovation, The Angelo Award winner, and Best Child Rider on a Horse Award.

When asked how it felt to walk into the ring countless, consecutive times to receive all her awards she was at a loss for words but managed to squeeze out that it was " Amazing, just great, fantastic!" Ms. Colvin replied to the question, which of Dr. Betsee Parker's horses was her favorite with mentioning that, " They are all completely different. Inclusive was more 'handy' and that Way Cool jumps amazing." Best of luck to Colvin as she gets ready for the two classes she'd be riding in this evening. 

Hasbrouck Donovan aboard Confidential took the title of Small Junior Hunter Champion, 16 & 17.  Meg O'Mara riding Walk the Line, also clinched the Large Junior Hunter Champion, 16 & 17 as well as the Overall Large Junior Hunter Champion.  The long afternoon presented challenges to some and great success for others, but those competing in the Junior Jumpers were relentless and ready to go this evening for the Junior Jumper Classic -II.

Photos:  Anna Cardelfe on Nadia; Victoria Colvin on Way Cool.