Valentina Truppa Triumphs at the World Dressage Masters Grand Prix Kür

Munich, Germany – What a day and what a final! The last day of the World Dressage Masters in Munich presented by Axel Johnson Group was more than a success. It was epic. With 8 riders of absolute world class, the Italian Valentina Truppa scored a first place on amazing 84.250% together with her eleven year old wonder, Eremo del Castegno. They rocked the arena, and the audience couldn't help but burst into spontaneous applause during their ride. With one-handed series of flying changes, a piaffe and passage tour in absolute perfection and with a show-factor that was hard to beat, Valentina charmed not only the judges, but the entire audience to a victory.

Close after, on the score of 84.050% landed number two, Isabell Werth with her fantastic young El Santo. To the tunes of David Bowie, they showed what real extensions should look like, and literary exploded of power - explosions powerful enough to get standing ovations from the crowds that flocked around the arena to see the mighty duo. The third place was taken by Austrian star Victoria Max-Theurer and her Augustin OLD, to the scores of 81.050%.

Freestyle victors Italian Valentina Truppa and Eremo del Castegno
Freestyle victors Italian Valentina Truppa and Eremo del Castegno

Italy's own dressage queen can now really call herself an "Insider". She performed an absolute top-program and scored the amazing 84.250%. "I am so happy with my horse," smiled Valentina, " At one point in the middle of the program, he felt explosive and the audience clapped even more and I was just trying to keep him concentrated, but he just kept going and I decided to give it a try to do the changes one-handed. At home we always ride like this," laughed Valentina.

C-judge, Katrina Wüst, couldn't praise the three rides enough. "Dressage is like football. If something goes wrong, you can always compensate that with something else. And that is really what we try to look for. We are not searching for the mistakes. We are looking at the total expression of the horse and rider, the attempts to compensate small mistakes with greater risk-taking and power in other movements. And what we saw today was three riders and horses that gave the maximum in everything, who compensated small mistakes with the highest power and perfection, and that truly performed with happiness and harmony". 

Victoria Max-Theurer during prize-giving ceremony
Victoria Max-Theurer during prize-giving ceremony

Austrian Victoria Max-Theurer, third place in the WDM Grand Prix Freestyle, was not only celebrated as the WDM winner-trio, but also as the most successful dressage rider during the entire event at Pferd International. With a big smile, she thanked the organizers for the fantastic show: "It is always an honor to come here. This is a wonderful chance for us riders to compete on different levels, at an arena that has a perfect setting and a wonderful audience and that is always such a great success!"

Nothing could be more true -  with the audience flocking around the arena and the stands sold out, one can easily say that WDM was a true success. Dr. Erich Herrgen (president of Pferd International) and Hans-Peter Schmidt (Chairman of the Advisory Board of Nürnberger Versicherungsgruppe) were both thanking the riders and moreover the sponsors for helping to make the horse show the success it truly was.

WDM Jiva Hill Youth Challenge (CDI U25 ) Prize giving ceremony
WDM Jiva Hill Youth Challenge (CDI U25 ) Prize giving ceremony

Danielle does it again - winner of the WDM Jiva Hill Youth Challenge (CDI U25 )
The previous two days had been dominated by Danielle Heijkoop (NED), who dazzled the audience with fantastic dancer Siro. And as if two days weren't enough, she simply did it again. Danielle and Siro cruised into first place of Jiva Hill Youth Challenge Final, scoring 77.200%. Veronique Henchen (LUX) rode her fantastic Fontalero to a second place on 72.850%, before Victoria Michalke (GER) and Pavarotti who took the third place on 70.050%.
The top Rider Ranking spot from all the previous WDM competitions: Palm Beach, Munich, Falsterbo and Hickstead was secured by no other than the Swedish Olympian Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfvén.  Tinne has had a fantastic year with her two top WDM horses, Favourit and Don Auriello, which indeed payed of. Together with the title of being the "World Dressage Master" she also goes home with 25.000 Euros.
Tinne was very happy, and with a beaming smile on her face, she rode the lap of honour to rapturous applause from the WDM audience. “I'm so happy and pleased," she said. "WDM is a fantastic competition and it is truly an honor to earn this title".
WDM Munich 2012 Exquis Grand Prix Freestyle Results
WDM Jiva Hill Youth Challenge Grand Prix Results
B: Dr. Wojciech Markowski
C: Dr. Dietrich Plewa
E: Leif Törnblad
H: Katrina Wüst
M: Wim Ernes
•    Danielle Heijkoop – Siro, NED  77.200
•    Veronique Henschen – Fontalero, LUX  72.850
•    Victoria Michalke – Pavorotti, GER  70.050

WDM Munich 2012 - Winner of Exquis Grand Prix Freestyle, Valentina Truppa & Eremo del Castegno

WDM Munich 2012 - Youth Challenge Grand Prix Final winner - Danielle Heijkoop and Siro