On Vacation

This is our reward, for all our hard work, and no days off since Christmas!

We are off to Barbados, to meet up with our great friends Irwin and Margery Gaffin, owners of Ameribag.com, and their beautiful 55’ sailing vessel, the Mo-Guffy.

The boat is on its way to St Lucia as I write this, and we will fly there to begin our 150 mile sail to Grenada. No computer, no phone, just great friends, lots of books to read, a pen and journal, and our snorkeling gear, which needed a good dusting!

We will hopefully return in one piece to share some tales and photos of our holiday, by mid May. Meanwhile we leave the duties of our business in the competent hands of Tracey, Astrid, Penny, and Kelly at Markel Insurance, where it’s business as usual.

Next stop for the PhelpsPhoto® Tour in May is Detroit Dressage, and coming up in June, complete coverage of the Olympic Selection Trials, as well as the exciting Celebrity Freestyle, in Keswick, Virginia, where Mary Phelps has been invited to join the Celebrity panel of judges including Sissy Spacek, David O’Connor and others to be announced.