USEF Now Accepting Votes for the Farnam®/Platform™ 2009 USEF Horse of the Year

Courage To Lead or “Katy” as she is lovingly called in the stables has had an uphill battle to the top. A natural athlete, she was born with all the attributes of a true Champion.  Traveling the road to the top should have been a naturally easy quest for Katy.  

In 2005 after being named to the USEF Equestrian Team she suffered a potentially career ending injury to her hip. After twelve months of slow and steady rehabilitation, her veterinarians remarked  how  intuitive “Katy” was,  knowing she had to be quiet and patient to heal properly.  She remained calm and waited for her turn. When she was finally declared healed and “Katy” came back with a vengeance.

Fit and ready to defend her National title in 2007, two weeks before the competition she suffered a fractured hind leg. All of us thought this was the end of “Katy’s" competitive career. Again, we took our time rehabilitating the leg under the close eye of our veterinarian. Again, she showed her understanding and patience during her long stall rest. Each step of the way, we saw promise that the mare was healing fantastically. So we pushed forward, as “Katy” let us know when she was ready and could handle the competition program.

September of 2008 came and The National Championship was on the schedule. “Katy” was fit, sound and ready for her come back. She won the title almost effortlessly and this was the start of her most recent winning streak including the Bronze medal in 2009.

Suffering two potentially extreme, career ending injuries, and coming back stronger than ever, tells the story of a mare with determination, ability, and a heart larger than her 14.1 hand frame should be able to bear.

A horse like Courage To Lead is a once in a life time horse.  To know her is to love her, to see her compete is to appreciate her athletic ability and desire to win, and to hear her story is to understand what makes a champion. Help Courage to Lead and cast your vote for Horse of the Year. Follow the link: