USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals - Looking for a Few Good Horses!

The 2009 USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals Presented by Dressage Today® will be held at Lamplight Equestrian Center , Wayne , Illinois , on July 17 - 19, 2009.

The purpose of the Dressage Seat Medal program is to promote and reward excellence in equitation, including correct seat, position, and use of aids in the sport of dressage.  In this competition, judges are looking at the quality of the riding as opposed to the quality of the horse.  A unique aspect to this program is that riders can compete on borrowed horses. This encourages greater participation from all over the country. Without the generous support of owners willing to lend horses, many riders would not be able to participate and experience their first of many USEF Championships.

For this year’s finals, USEF is looking for horses to borrow or lease.  Horses must be well-behaved in a group class environment, and capable of Training and First Level movements.  If you have a horse that would be suitable for this program, please contact Jenny Van Wieren , USEF Assistant Director of Dressage Sport Programs, at (859)225-6949 or via email at

Riders qualified for the 2009 Finals by competing in the USEF Dressage Seat Medal Semi-Final classes held at each of the 2008 Great American/USDF Regional Championships. The prize list for the Dressage at Lamplight July 17-19, 2009 is now available at