USEF Announces New Ranking List and Criteria for High Performance Dressage

Lexington, KY − The USEF Dressage High Performance Committee is introducing a new 12-Month Grand Prix Ranking List for the 2008 competition year. This new ranking list format will track all U.S. horse/rider combinations competing at the FEI Grand Prix level at any CDI, as well as the 2007 High Performance qualifying competitions, and insures a more accurate reflection of the current top competitors. The 12-Month Grand Prix Ranking List will be maintained by USEF staff and will report all FEI Grand Prix and FEI Grand Prix Freestyle scores on a revolving 12-month period. There are no drop scores, making the ranking a true account of the top U.S. horse/rider combinations in a timelier manner than previously reported by USEF.

The new 12-Month Grand Prix Ranking List will not replace the current USEF Dressage Long List for Training, as this will continue to be utilized to determine what riders have priority for training sessions with U.S. National Coach Klaus Balkenhol. Instead, the new format will be a tool incorporated into the annual maintenance of the Long List, and will also be used for score tracking, consideration of grant requests, and competition invitations.    

“The previous Long List was only reviewed and updated annually and therefore did not accurately reflect the top horse/rider combinations throughout the year,” explains George Williams, chair of the USEF High Performance Dressage Committee. “This new format gives the Committee a better connection to the top U.S. riders and an improved tool to track their accomplishments throughout the year.”

The High Performance Dressage Committee and Dressage Credentials Committee have also approved revised criteria for riders seeking to enter foreign CDI competitions. These criteria will now utilize both the existing Long List and the new 12-Month Ranking List to determine which riders will be awarded invitations.  New criteria are now posted on the Athlete Services page of the Federation website,

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