USEA Endowment Trust Matches Donations to Equine Cardiovascular Study

During last Saturday’s Review of USEA Safety Studies at this year’s USEA 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting & Convention, the USEA Endowment Trust had a fantastic announcement—they will match every dollar that’s donated to the USEA Equine Cardiovascular Study, up to $25,000.

This study is one of the most important studies the USEA has ever undertaken, and with the knowledge this valuable research provides, we can hope to learn more about equine cardiovascular health and prevent pulmonary hemorrhages and other serious afflictions that are affecting our event horses.

Several USEA members stood up during the meeting and pledged their donations – will you join them? Already the cardiovascular study has raised $13,650, but more money is needed to continue the research. Please consider printing one of these pledge cards and sending it in to the USEA office and donating for this important fundraiser.

The USEA Endowment Trust is vital to the longevity of the U.S. Eventing Association, and works to preserve the legacy and long-term future of our sport.