USDF Request For Tests As Training Tools


The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is seeking videos of any tests, amateur or professional, all levels, including musical freestyles to replenish material for the Continuing Education Program. “Ones with errors and shies are great learning tools also, they don't have to be perfect tests,” encourages Sharon Vander Ziel, Senior Education Coordinator. Videos are one of the handiest and most concrete tools for educating students progressing through the USDF L Education Program, the new Musical Freestyle course and the Upgrade Your Judging Eye sessions, where classroom lectures are combined with practice judging of movements, or full tests using videotapes/DVDs.

However, once the videos have been circulated in courses or used on judges’ exams, new examples are needed to illustrate both the wide spectrum and nuances of all the test levels. This a very useful way members can contribute to improving consistency in judging.

If people can send a DVD or video file through, the quality is better than from YouTube. If that’s not possible, you can email

Any questions can be directed to:

This Continuing Education Program, developed by the USDF Judges Committee, provides continuing education opportunities for licensed judges and USDF L Graduates and those enrolled in the USDF L Education Program.