USDF Launches

Lexington, KY – The United States Dressage Federation is pleased to announce that it has now launched, as the official USDF source for the most accurate and complete dressage scores. This new site features expanded search functionality, customizable reports with advanced sorting and graphing options, and access to USDF qualifications and standings. As a supplement to the USDF website users will be able to use their current user name and password to access USDF Group, Participating, or Business members will have access to current competition year score checks and additional related information. Participating and Business members will also have access to Lifetime and Regional Championship Qualifying Ride score checks. Through increased functionality and reporting options, provides a quick and easy way for members to access the scores and information they most need.

"As the only official, and most complete, source for USDF scores, this site will be a valuable resource for competitors, horse owners, and show managers. This enhanced member benefit also makes lifetime score reports available to Participating and Business members at no additional cost," added USDF Executive Director Stephan Hienzsch.

For the chance to explore and experience all that this site has to offer, visit and log in.  If you are not a current member and need to renew your membership in order to access all of the features of, visit and join/renew today