USDF Inducts Major General Guy V. Henry

Lincoln, Nebraska (December 6, 2001) -Two noted equestrians were recently inducted into the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Hall of Fame during the federation's annual convention held November 28-December 1st in Orlando, Florida. Major General Guy V. Henry, Jr. and Ms. Jessica Newberry Ransehousen joined the ranks of seven other remarkable equestrians and three notable dressage horses as the newest inductees into the Hall of Fame. Capt John Fritz accepts the award from USDF president Sam Barrish.

Major General Guy V. Henry, Jr. born January 28, 1875 and died November 29, 1967, dedicated his life to promoting and participating in equestrian sport, and was held in high esteem by his peers in equestrian circles around the world. Maj. Gen. Henry was a graduate of the complete course of equitation at the French Calvary School at Saumur. He was also a commandant of the U.S. Calvary School, and the head of the Department of Equitation of the U.S. Calvary School at Fort Riley, Kansas where he developed the first organized curriculum and doctrine for teaching advanced equitation.

In the 1912 Olympics, equestrian competition made its debut, and Maj. Gen. Henry organized the first U.S. equestrian team. He also rode as a member on that initial team -- in all three disciplines. He was the Director of Equestrian Activities at the 1932 Olympics and was Chef d'Equipe for the 1948 U.S. Olympic Equestrian team. Maj. Gen. Henry also judged at two Olympic Games, as well as other international competitions.

Maj. Gen. Henry became very active in the international governing body for equestrian sports: the International Equestrian Federation (FEI). He served as vice-president and the president position, and to date, an honor no other American has duplicated. As a director for both the American Horse Shows Association and the United States Equestrian Team, Henry helped to define and circulate the first rules for dressage competition in the United States. His contributions in the equestrian world are still being enjoyed today.

Portraits of these two equestrians will join those of Lowell Boomer, Chuck Grant, Col. Donald W. Thackeray, Violet Hopkins, Col. Bengt Ljudquist, Lt. Col. Hans Moeller, and Captain John Fritz, plus three remarkable horses, Keen, Gifted, and Graf George. These portraits are on display at the USDF office, and will soon be on the USDF website.

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