USDF Announces Young Riders for US Dressage Teams at the 2006 CN North American Junior and Young Riders


The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) today announced the FEI Young Riders selected for the US team in dressage at the 2006 CN North American Junior and Young Riders’ Championships (NAJYRC), August 1-6, at the Virginia Horse Center, in Lexington, Virginia.

The following riders will represent the US in dressage at the NAJYRC:

Region 1

  • Sirrine, Jennifer, Woody Allen, 67.977
  • Eskridge, Ryan Rubin, 66.778
  • Cloninger, Madison, Windvogel, 66.372
  • DiGironimo, Ana, Cadanz, 65.211

Region 2

  • Barteau, Kassandra, Bentley, 67.679
  • Nichols, Allie, Lexington, 65.215
  • Hamilton, Kaitlyn, Noviembre, 64.235
  • McCarthy, Brittany, Cinbad, 64.077

Region 3

  • Roffman, Caroline, Bulgari 5, 68.207
  • Redmond, Kayce, Lipton, 67.034
  • Moran, Erin, Widerhall, 66.995
  • Wiese, Jocelyn, Lamborghini 65.043

Region 4

  • Dick, Jenna, Walhall, 67.794
  • Hardesty, Ellie, Nestor 64.503

Region 5

  • McKee, Bobbie, Jamelone, 65.465
  • Haney, Tyler, Phoenix, 64.509
  • Simon, Vanessa, Quecirque, 63.555
  • Cross, Kathryn, Pride of Radetsky, 61.968

Region 6

  • Seburn, Chelsea, Rolex, 67.761
  • Perry, Natalie, Rubina, 64.544
  • Yates, Taryn, Orisis, 63.938
  • Dalla Valle, Maya, Giorgio, 63.269

Region 7

  • Harlan, Amanda, Liberte, 67.480
  • Schempp, Ashley, Mowgli, 67.101
  • Danier, Jennifer, Troll, 65.364
  • Meinen, Jaclyn, Rivaal, 65.219

Region 8

  • Noyes, Laura, Syncro, 66.712
  • Cross, Lee, Birkman, 65.068
  • Vallandingham, Danielle, Gismo, 60.583
  • Raffi, Jennifer Lee, Rondo Veneziano, 60.162

Region 9

  • Blackmon, Jessica, Irnas, 63.800
  • Morris, Faith, Mentor, 62.803
  • Garrett, Amanda, Jashmir, 61.725

The NAJYRC is the premier competition for FEI Young Riders, age 16-21, in the three Olympic equestrian disciplines of eventing, dressage, and show jumping. Riders are invited to compete from each province of Canada, US Equestrian Federation zone (for show jumping), USDF region (for dressage), and US Eventing Association area (for eventing), as well as from Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean Islands, and Bermuda via each country’s national equestrian federation. The broad range of competitors attending the championships produces an Olympics-like atmosphere.

To be selected to compete at the NAJYRC, dressage FEI Young Riders must compete in a minimum of three official NAYRC qualifying competitions at the FEI Young Rider level during the qualifying season and must obtain a minimum 60% average score. The riders with the top four qualifying averages in each region are selected for the NAJYRC team.

Complete qualifying results can be found at Additional information concerning the CN North American Junior and Young Riders’ Championships can also be found at, with on the scene coverage here at