USA Equestrian Announces Dressage Rule Change Allowing the Option for a Double Bridle at Third Level

Corresponding with the release of the new 2003 USA Equestrian Dressage Tests for Training through Fourth Levels, the USA Equestrian Dressage Committee is recommending rule changes allowing the use of a double bridle as option at Third Level. The Dressage Committee anticipates that these rule changes will be approved by the USA Equestrian Executive Committee at their next scheduled meeting on December 3, effective immediately. Beginning December 4, riders competing at Third Level would have the option of using a double bridle.

Please note that according to Article 301.7.2 of the Federation Rule Book, any competition, which begins before December 1, is governed by the rules in effect December 1st of the previous year. Therefore, competitions that are run on the dates of November 30-December 1, 2002 are governed by 2002 rules, including the use of the 1999 AHSA Dressage Tests.