U.S. Vaulters Participate in CVI Saratoga Competition

Several  U.S. vaulters participated in the CVI competition in Saratoga, CA. Patrick Stevens took home the win in the Male Senior CVI2*with a score of 7.195, while Joseph Gadd came in second with a 6.247. In the competitive Female Senior CVI2*, Mary McCormick took home the win with an impressive score of 8.219.

Katharine Wick came in a close second with an 8.147, while Marisa Hamar finished third with a 7.671. The Mt. Eden Sun Team finished in first in the Senior Team CVI2* with a score of 7.799. The Woodside A Team came in second with a 7.420 and the Pacific Coast Vaulters finished third with a 6.931.

In the Senior Pas de Deux, Rosalind Ross and Devon Maitozo had strong performances to win with an 8.121. Kimberly and Cassidy Palmer finished second with a score of 7.086, while Alexandra Thrasher and Joseph Gadd came in third with 6.849.

In the Male Senior CVI1*, Nicholas Cox took the top prize with a score of 5.363. Tessa Divita took the top prize in the Female Senior CVI1* with a 7.067. Grace Robinson came in second with a 6.753, while Karly Frankel-Newman finished third with a 6.732. In the Senior Team CVI1*, the Mt. Eden 7 Sisters won the division with a score of 5.995, while Tambourine came in second with a 5.260.

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Photo: Mt. Eden Team.  Primo Ponies Photography.