Urgent Call For Volunteers With Equine Experience To Register for Rescues of Equine Flood Victims in Colorado

Most areas in the flood zone are completely inaccessible right now, BUT- when the rain stops and the waters start to recede, there will be MANY equines in trouble! PLEASE REGISTER at www.FleetOfAngels.org if you have a trailer, a dry (enough) pen, stalls, arenas, extra hay, even sleeping quarters for horse owners and haulers, hot meals for helpers, etc. THIS IS AN URGENT SITUATION. Evacuating before the storm was not possible for most, so evacuating post-storm will be needed ASAP. With homes, barns, vehicles, and fields being washed away, equines will be in desperate need of help. We need MANY MORE volunteers in Colorado ASAP. After you register at www.FleetOfAngels.org and then join the Fleet of Angels page on Facebook (only after registering, please), and stay tuned for more information and specific rescue missions when they start.

Please share widely to Colorado friends and sites, and in surrounding states.