Uptown, An International Enterprise of KWPN Aficionado's

On February 7, 2004, a delightful bay colt with an elegant stripe on his face stole the hearts of the KWPN Stallion Licensing Commission and many KWPN lovers in the stands at the Brabanthallen in 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Beautiful in type and breath taking in movement, the bay stallion "Uptown" was proclaimed 2004 KWPN Licensing Champion in the dressage division and earned the respect and interest of the crowds.

There is a very interesting story attached to Uptown, who was bred by A. Jurriens in Landhorst, The Netherlands. Sired by Kennedy out of a Ubis dam, Uptown was discovered as a foal by Toine Hoefs, who reared him at his farm in Erp.

Toine Hoefs has been a breeder since 1982 and has already bred two respected stallions: Ex Libris (Elan xx x Principaal) and Juventus (Dublin x Principaal). Toine has also been a reserve member of the KWPN dressage Stallion Licensing Committee and judges at breed shows throughout Europe and the U.S. 47-year old Hoefs was recently appointed KWPN Regional Inspector for the Noord-Brabant area.

Six years ago Toine Hoefs met American Kathy Connelly and started a partnership in rearing and dealing in exclusive dressage horses. When Kathy was offered to buy 1/3 of Uptown, it took her no time to consider this proposal. Kathy also suggested to include her friends and clients Al and Judy Guden of Hyperion Farms (USA) into the transaction, eventually making Uptown into an international enterprise of Dutch and American KWPN aficionado's. "I sold 2/3s of Uptown to Katy and Al because their are good partners and close friends of mine," Hoefs said.

When Uptown won the 2004 KWPN Stallion Licensing, Hoefs was praised in the Netherlands for presenting yet another top quality colt, while Connelly and Guden quickly received congratulations for their winning stallion in The States. Good news travels fast.

Toine Hoefs has big plans for his stallion. Uptown will be performing his 70-Stallion Test in the fall of 2004. "If the KWPN registers him as an approved sire, than he'll start breeding," Hoefs explained.

Of course a young stallion can not only survive on the accolades he got at the licensing. He has to be put out there in the show ring as well. So Hoefs has decided that his steady stable rider Marjolijn Hart will be presenting Uptown in the KWPN Stallion Competitions as soon as Uptown ready for the season. We can't wait to see this Uptown Boy move!

by Astrid Appels of Eurodressage.com

Images copyrighted: Dirk Caremans - Mary Phelps

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