Update - Jason Canton Continues Rapid Improvement

Jason Canton suffered an apparant stroke, October 28, as reported on DressageDaily . We just heard from Jason, and the news is good.

"I am doing very well actually much better than the doctors imagined. I am back home now and getting around on my own without assistance. And yesterday I sat on  horse and did a little walk , trot and canter. Nothing too fancy just enough to see how things were.  Everything seems to still work except I have difficulty with keeping my left heel down still from some loss of sensation. But it should come back with time and physical therapy.

I am staying very positive and I am very determined to have a complete recovery. My goal is still to be able to do some showing in Florida later this coming season. It's just too much fun to miss!

I would like to thank everyone for all the encouragement and support through their emails. I got something like over 200 of them after your posting on DressageDaily. I heard from people I have known for more than 20 years and from people who I have never met before.

Later this week my horse Grandioso will go to my friend and coach Oded Shimoni. Shereen and Jeff Fuqua have generously been taking care of him for me at Collecting Gaits Farms. Oded will keep the big horse going for me until I am ready. I trust Oded completely and know my horse will be in good hands and it helps Oded likes to ride him. I want to thank Oded and Tuny Page for their generosity and friendship by taking in Grandioso at Stillpoint Farm at no charge while I continue my recovery.

Thank you to everyone!
Jason (JSNCNTN@aol.com)