Update on Jan Byyny from Dick and Jo Byyny

We wanted to let everyone know how Jan is progressing since her fall at Pinetop, and to thank everyone for the incredible support we’ve received.

As a result of her accident, Jan’s carotid artery was dissected, resulting in a minor stroke that caused damage to the language area of her brain. This has affected her ability to speak but not her comprehension, so that she is fully aware of what is going on around her and communicates with her doctors and us using a variety of non-verbal methods. You can imagine how frustrating this is for her!

On Monday, she underwent surgery to repair her fractured arm, which required lots of screws to hold everything together. She’ll be in a cast for about six weeks. Jan’s working hard at speech and physical therapy, and will be moving to Walton Rehab for the week before heading home to Virginia and outpatient therapy.

We and Jan are so thankful for the expressions of concern and well-wishes from friends, supporters and the eventing community. We’re especially grateful to Lizzie, Courtney, Miguel, Anisa, Kendyl and Maggie for taking such good care of Jan’s horses and barn in Aiken, and to Christy for managing everything at home in Virginia.

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