Uckele Launches “Down the Aisle” Campaign

Horse Owners can take part in Uckele's New Campaign. Uckele Health & Nutrition has launched a fresh marketing campaign based on the lifelong, enriching bonds people develop with their horses. This campaign, entitled, "Down the Aisle, For the Love of Horses," refers to the barn aisle that horse-owners lead their horses through as a metaphor for the lifelong dedication and fulfillment involved with caring for their needs. 

The Uckele campaign message focuses on the importance of nutrition to optimal health and well being throughout a horse's lifetime. The campaign tagline is, "Your passion for horses, and ours for nutrition."  Customers are invited to share their personal stories from down the aisle of their barns at DowntheAisleStories.com, and will be qualified to win a gift certificate for Uckele products if chosen as the favorite story of the month.

The campaign is intended to promote a partnership in nutritional health with devoted horse owners by providing the best nutritional products on the market to help their horses get the most out of life. These products support health and wellness at every stage of the horse's life, addressing everything from issues related to performance, digestion and metabolism to support for joints, muscles, hooves and coat.  

Uckele's mission statement is "Optimal Health, Worldwide." Mike Uckele, CEO, says, "I have a lot of respect for the connection people have with their horses. I have a similar passion for nutrition. My team and I have devoted our careers to understanding equine physiology and the science of equine nutrition. We create the formulas and manufacture them at our plant. I feel a personal and professional responsibility for the quality and purity of our products because my family's name has been on our products for over 50 years."

The campaign theme is based on Leslie McDonald's book, "Down the Aisle...For the love of Horses." An accomplished Dressage Equestrian, Ms. McDonald's sensitive testimony recounts her journey of dedication and passion with her horses down the aisle, overcoming life's inevitable difficulties and challenges together as they break through to triumphs. In many ways, her tale is similar to others who experience meaningful, enriching relationships with their horses. Regardless of the horse's breed or the owner's choice of discipline, this journey together becomes a lifelong relationship. For that reason, the campaign's emphasis will focus on the stories that every horse owner can tell that include renewed hope, lessons learned, inspiration or heartbreak. Horse owners wishing to share their Down the Aisle story or read their fellow horse owner's stories can log on to www.downtheaislestories.com.