Tricks of the Trade –Be Ready for All Kinds of Weather at Aachen

Yesterday we sat huddled in the stands as the cold wet weather sent Californians who came to cheer on the USA shopping for fleece, hats and scarves. An Aachen veteran, I made sure to pack my woolen hat, extra jackets and scarves before leaving hot and humid Kentucky. JJ wore his famous leather Atlanta jacket, and once again as at the WEG was offered 1000 euro for it, but he continues to refuse to sell. I was also sure to bring my Back on Track “mini blanket” with the magical fabric producing a passive infrared heat. There are multiple uses for both horse and human. From leg wraps to a saddle pad, it comes with us in the car, on planes, for sitting, rolled up as a neck rest and in new beds for sleeping on. I swear by the results.

Along with my infrared Right Spot Therapy pad, the one show jumper McLain Ward swears by for his horses, I was cozy in the stands until I lent it to Rafalca’s co-owner who on her first trip to Aachen didn’t realize what she was in store for. In spite of adding to the Aachen income by bulking up with Aachen fleece, the cold had seeped in, and I was happy to share and reduce her suffering. The Rafalca team hung in there, watching their horse, the first ride of the day. They bravely huddled not wanting to miss a moment of the Grand Prix, and on occasion Amy Ebeling would appear with a horse blanket, which still did not to seem to do much to ease the chill.

But the sun is shining today, and we are working away on photos and articles, taking a break and resting up for a full day Saturday and Sunday. Since we are heading to Amsterdam Sunday night after closing ceremonies we may be a bit slow when it comes to posting articles and photos until we catch up. Be sure to also stay tune to Astrid’s reports on