Traveling from Georgia, Blair Bowers and Ico Highest Level Pony In Intermediaire II

American Dressage Ponies Showcased at the National Pony Cup

Despite overwhelming entries at Intro through Second, the only FEI Pony, Ico (Idzard) drew crowds to the arena. The flashy Dutch Pony, ridden by Blair Bowers and owned by Janie Pride scored a 56.174 percent in Intermediaire 2.

"It was a great show! There's so much to be said about it, from the competition to the management," exclaimed Janie Pride, a school teacher from Georgia. "I was proud of Ico and Blair, they rode incredibly well together and I can't wait to come back next year."
Bob Tarr Photo

While there was fierce competition between all divisions, and scores going well into the seventies on both days, the camaraderie among competitors were self-evident. Between rounds competitors and spectators alike sat under tents and 'talked pony' and a fractured community was united under a common banner.

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