Training Tuesday: ask - Do You Experience Any of These Issues? provides over 1500 training videos, all dressage from some of the world's most respected trainers and judges. We seek to fill the gaps in the provision of training and education for all, not allowing any dressage enthusiast to be hindered by time, money or talent. If none of the questions below are YOUR questions, but you do seek to improve your riding, please visit our site and use the search field to input your own descriptive keywords to find the topic your interested in.

1. Do you wonder what you should strive for in a daily training session with your young horse? Watch Dr. Ulf Moller work with multiple horses, 3-6 years old in the following videos.

2. Do you need exercises to increase collection and deal with anticipation with your upper level horse? Watch Jan Brink as he rides Briar, showing numerous exercises and focusing on just this issue!

3. Do you want to see a test ridden and hear the judge's scores and comments as you watch the test? This is possible! Click your test of interest below.

4. Do you have questions about using a double bridle? Many of them will surely be answered in the following video:

5. Would you like to get a perfect halt? Catherine Haddad-Staller will show you how in the following video:

6. Want to work your horse in hand but are apprehensive because you dont exactly know how? The following videos will show you how and give you the confidence you need.

7. Do you want to start or improve your piaffe and passage? Let our pi & pa specialist, Mr. Alfredo Hernandez, show you how it's done.

8. Does your horse hide behind the bit or need to lengthen the neck or get the nose out? Jan Bemelmans works these issues in the following videos:

9. Do you want to know how to get the most out of a lunging session? Watch Mr. Lammert Haanstra work multiple horses on the lunge line here:

10. Do you want to focus on YOUR seat and position in the saddle? Watch these videos on the basics and take the tips into your very next ride!