Top Quality Piaffe and Passage from Rociero XV and Kristina Harrison- Naness

After her return from competing in Europe, Kristina Harrison-Naness and the PRE Stallion Rociero XV have a solid average of over 67 percent toward the Selection Trials. Debbie McDonald too is happy with her average on Felix.

Thus Kristina and Debbie McDonald will compete at many of the qualifiers in the open divisions as their goal is to peak at the Selection Trials.

Friday, Kristina competed in the Open Grand Prix Special with her special horse, Rociero XV. Many spectators are unaware of this reasoning, and of the standing of this pair.

So, when crowd began to leave after the completion of the CDI class, Axel Steiner told them, “Don’t leave. These two are really good!” And during the piaffe and passage work, he commented, “This is top quality eight and nine piaffe and passage work.”

Wizard and Lyle Set the Tone

Adrienne Lyle was the lone competitor in the Brentina Cup on the Peggy and Perry Thomas’s Wizard. However, her lovely 67.949 percent ride opened the CDI arena at eight am and set the tone of quality for the judges for the day.

Adrienne was still smiling at 3:30 pm when she collected her lovely cooler from during the awards presentation.