Top Hunter Professionals Start the Week Off Right at Summer in the Rockies II

Colleen Acosta and Limbo
Colleen Acosta and Limbo

Parker, CO - June 11, 2014 - The Colorado Horse Park launched Summer in the Rockies II at the Olson Family Main Hunter Ring today with the Second Year/High Performance Working Hunters, the Performance 3'6" Hunters, and the Performance 3'3" Hunters. The current leaders in all three divisions are high level professionals who are preparing their mounts for amateurs later in the week.

Starting off the morning were Colleen Acosta and Limbo in the Second Year/High Performance Working Hunters. This pair won both classes that were run today: the over fences class and the handy. Acosta rides Limbo for his owner Sophia Depumpo.

Depumpo shows him in the Junior Hunters and last week was awarded reserve champion. According to Acosta, Limbo can be a little looky towards the beginning of the week, so sometimes she will show him in the Second Year Green Hunters to set him up. Depumpo plans to show Limbo in the Junior Hunters again this week and try for similar results.

"She has had great success with him in the Junior Hunters," said Acosta. "They're actually first in the country right now. She will keep doing him for much longer."

The 11-year-old gelding is pleasing to watch in the ring and a pleasure to have at Acosta's Showtime Farms.

"I feel like he is set up to do just as well again," said Acosta. "He has a great canter, a great personality, and he's just truly steady. He jumps great and doesn't really have any bad qualities. Very solid, very steady, very consistent. Sophia has had a lot of great success with him. I've been very lucky to have him at my barn."

The Performance 3'6" Hunters also kicked off today. Reigning champions Sarah Rice and McGraw of Pine Hollow Farm are mirroring those same great results so far. McGraw, owned by Kimberley Quinn, won the blue in both the over fences class and the hack and was second in the handy.

Rice thinks that McGraw loved his time off and trail rides after Summer in the Rockies I and is ready to come back and do it all again. In addition to Rice's rides, this week McGraw will have his Summer in the Rockies Junior Hunter debut with lessor Katie McDonnell.

Sarah Rice and McGraw
Sarah Rice and McGraw

Rice has faith that McGraw will be highly successful in the Junior Hunters and that her work with him in the Performance 3'6" Hunters will pay off. "He is a good division horse," said Rice. "He doesn't get tired and slow by the weekends. He likes the job in his Performance and Junior divisions."

Rice, who coaches McDonnell with Will Roberts, enjoys teaching on McGraw just as much as she enjoys riding him. She also has great confidence in him as she hands off the reins to McDonnell.

"He is exactly to teach on like he is to ride," said Rice. "There's no hidden tricks - he is very straightforward that way. She did the juniors last year and went to indoors for the Pessoa/USEF Medal Finals so she's got a good idea of what she needs to do to win in the hunter ring. She just really enjoys riding this horse."

Rice also won the First Year Green Hunter over fences class that ran today on Falcon Ridge Stables' La Roxx.

In the Performance 3'3" Division, last week's reserve champions are starting off well in the division once again, leading the way after the first day. Will Roberts and Chicago of Pine Hollow Farm won their over fences and handy rounds and received third place in the hack. The 11-year-old Rhinelander gelding was sold to current owner TeriAnn Miller from Roberts. Miller has been showing him since 2010. The Performance 3'3" Hunter division serves as schooling and preparation for Miller, who will show in the Amateur Owner Hunters this week.

"It was nice to sell him within the barn," said Roberts. "He has been a great horse for TeriAnn Miller."

 Will Roberts and Chicago
Will Roberts and Chicago

Roberts, who knows Chicago inside and out, thinks that the Performance 3'3" Hunters will set him up to be consistent and dependable in the Amateur Owner Hunters later this week. He also has high praise of the Colorado Horse Park. After not visiting the venue for a few years, he was pleasantly surprised by changes. "It's very nice to come back and see the footing, which is a huge improvement," said Roberts. "They've certainly put a lot of time and money into it, and it looks great."

Tomorrow, the Second Year/High Performance Hunters will finish up with their hack and two classes over fences. The Performance 3'3" and 3'6" Hunter divisions will run two classes over fences to conclude. Click here for full results from Wednesday. Visit the Colorado Horse Park's website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates throughout Summer in the Rockies II.

Results: Summer in the Rockies II - Wednesday, June 11

2nd Yr/High Perf Working Hunter O/F
1. 508/Limbo/Sophia Depumpo/Colleen Acosta
2. 573/CR Explosive/Katie Crone/Katie Crone
3. 722/Chaleon/Crooked Willow Farms/Jami Jensen
4. 736/City Boy/Janey Belozer/Megan Jordan

2nd Yr/High Perf Working Hunter Handy
1. 508/Limbo/Sophia Depumpo/Colleen Acosta
2. 722/Chaleon/Crooked Willow Farms/Jami Jensen
3. 573/CR Explosive/Katie Crone/Katie Crone

Performance 3'6 Hunter O/F
1. 818/McGraw/Kimberley Quinn/Sarah Rice
2. 931/Olivia/Heidi Schmutz/Ashley Keeler
3. 829/Harlu/Laurie Brants/Mickie Sage
4. 810/Simone/Catherine Schoelzel/Jennifer Rhodes
5. 880/Baloubet K/Roderick Kyle Dewar/Katey Kozeny
6. 519/Sir Rio/Chelsea Magness/Stacey Swink
7. 969/Premonition/Lindsay Gersoff/Lindsay Gersoff
8. 970/Rocket Man/Lindsay Gersoff/Lindsay Gersoff
9. 607/Arthur/Brooke Weiss/Brooke Weiss  

Performance 3'6 Hunter Handy
1. 819/Viceroy/Bethany Bolen/Will Roberts
2. 818/McGraw/Kimberley Quinn/Sarah Rice
3. 931/Olivia/Heidi Schmutz/Ashley Keeler
4. 519/Sir Rio/Chelsea Magness/Stacey Swink
5. 829/Harlu/Laurie Brants/Mickie Sage
6. 607/Arthur/Brooke Weiss/Brooke Weiss
7. 828/Lago W/Steve Lockton/Mickie Sage
8. 810/Simone/Catherine Schoelzel/Jennifer Rhodes

Performance 3'6 Hunter U/S
1. 818/McGraw/Kimberley Quinn/Sarah Rice
2. 607/Arthur/Brooke Weiss/Brooke Weiss
3. 810/Simone/Catherine Schoelzel/Jennifer Rhodes
4. 829/Harlu/Laurie Brants/Mickie Sage
5. 880/Baloubet K/Roderick Kyle Dewar/ Katey Kozeny

Performance 3'3" O/F
1. 814/Chicago/TeriAnn Miller/Will Roberts/
2. 507/INXS/Grace Albritton/Colleen Acosta/
3. 738/Rio's Firefly/Christen Tuxworth/Laurie Jueneman/
4. 559/Hyde Park/Dara Fuller/Dara Fuller
5. 820/Storyline/Lindsey Roberts/Will Roberts/
6. 667/Chelios/Shannan Gossman/Shannan Gossman
7. 995/Estes Park/Arden Mc Reynolds/Arden Mc Reynolds
8. 808/Duet/Lisa Philpott/Jennifer Rhodes

Performance 3'3" Hunter Handy
1. 814/Chicago/TeriAnn Miller/Will Roberts
2. 820/Storyline/Lindsey Roberts/Will Roberts
3. 559/Hyde Park/Dara Fuller/Dara Fuller
4. 507/INXS/Grace Albritton/Colleen Acosta
5. 667/Chelios/Shannan Gossman/Shannan Gossman
6. 618/Sir Topham Hat/The Cottonwoods Ltd/Mark Mead
7. 808/Duet/Lisa Philpott/Jennifer Rhodes
8. 903/Divali/Joe Nash/Amy White

Performance 3'3" Hunter U/S
1. 667/Chelios/Shannan Gossman/Shannan Gossman
2. 507/INXS/Grace Albritton/Colleen Acosta
3. 814/Chicago/TeriAnn Miller/Will Roberts
4. 820/Storyline/Lindsey Roberts/Will Roberts
5. 640/Stanwick/Tarah Wolf/Tarah Wolf
6. 903/Divali/Joe Nash/Amy White
7. 749/Wagner/Annabelle Regan/Kelly Lorek
8. 600/Ddominicc/Anna Corley/Anna Corley

Green 1st Year Hunter- 3'6"
1. 949/La Roxx/Falcon Ridge Stables/Sarah Rice
2. 663/Shenanigans/Lexi Mulkey/Megan Ghere
3. 557/Callucci/KNW Farms LLC/Courtney Calcagnini
4. 558/Elementary/Fleur De Lis Farms/Courtney Calcagnini
5. 966/Argonaut/Elizabeth Hund/Ashley Keeler
6. 605/Wesley/Haley Fleming/Meghan Felts
7. 860/Durgin Park/Henri Hall/Sarah Invicta Williams
8. 853/Samarkand/NTM Enterprises/Paul Rohrbach

Green 1st Year -3'6 -Handy
1. 558/Elementary/Fleur De Lis Farms/Courtney Calcagnini
2. 853/Samarkand/NTM Enterprises/Paul Rohrbach
3. 557/Callucci/KNW Farms LLC/Courtney Calcagnini
4. 605/Wesley/Haley Fleming/Meghan Felts
5. 860/Durgin Park/Henri Hall/Sarah Invicta Williams
6. 663/Shenanigans/Lexi Mulkey/Megan Ghere
7. 949/La Roxx/Falcon Ridge Stables/Sarah Rice

Green 1st Year Htr U/S
1. 605/Wesley/Haley Fleming/Meghan Felts
2. 949/La Roxx/Falcon Ridge Stables/Sarah Rice
3. 860/Durgin Park/Henri Hall/Sarah Invicta Williams
4. 966/Argonaut/Elizabeth Hund/Ashley Keeler
5. 557/Callucci/KNW Farms LLC/Courtney Calcagnini
6. 853/Samarkand/NTM Enterprises/Paul Rohrbach
7. 663/Shenanigans/Lexi Mulkey/Megan Ghere
8. 558/Elementary/Fleur De Lis Farms/Courtney Calcagnini