Tonight at 7:30! NBC To Profile Dressage With Ann Romney’s Olympic Horse and Jan Ebeling

Tonight at 7:30 PM, NBC Olympic coverage will be doing a profile on Dressage featuring the Team USA and Jan Ebeling and Rafalca, the dressage horse owned by Ann Romney in partnership with Jan’s wife Amy Ebeling and Beth Meyer. The interview will be with NBC’s Health correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman, a dressage rider herself. Snyderman trained with Nancy Polozker in New Jersey and Florida and is an avid amateur rider who has competed successfully at the Prix St Georges level.  It can easily be said that it is unprecedented that in an Olympic and Presidential election year in the United States we would have a horse owned in part by the wife of a presidential candidate competing on an Olympic team. While not always put a realistic perspectives while being caught up in politics, this program will be a way for the world and America to learn, from reporter who understands the art of dressage.