TNT Sires of the World 2001/2002: New competition, new chances

The new edition of the TNT Sires of the World were held at Lanaken at the same time as the finals of the last series. A coincidence caused by unforseen circumstances (F&M) which robbed some of the excitement. After all, there were nine months between the last qualifier and the finals. In the season 2001/2002, however, the excitement is back. After CSI Hanover (26-10) the winner of the last series AK High Valley with Jos Lansink still - or rather again - hold out at the top. But the competitors are lining up behind this successful combination to take over the leadership in the ranking. 
AK High Valley Z won the 2000/2001 series but had to bow for two strong candidates in the final competition. These were Tlaloc M under Reynald Angot (France) and Le Bon under Willem Greve (Netherlands). Because these two combinations did not start in Hanover and AK High Valley Z finished there in second place, the parade horse of the Zamgersheide stables again took the lead in the ranking. The victory in Hanover was for Stieglmaier's Radiator under René Tebbel. Tebbel, who always rides to win, also went flat out in the Hanover jump-off and stayed clear in a time that was more than one and a half second faster than Jos Lansink's. But Radiator had not been in Lanaken, which made that High Valley could developed a 12 point edge. The qualifiers in Amsterdam and Mechlin and the finals in 's-Hertogenbosch will unquestionably offer the necessary excitement as the other competitors will do anything to claim the prestigious title of Sire of the World and the premium that comes with it. All information about Sires of the World can also be found on internet: 
The next qualifiers : 
Jumping Amsterdam (NED) Saturday 15 December 2001 
CSI-W Mechelen (BEL) Saturday 29 December 2001 
Score to day TNT Sires of the World 2001/2002 after 2 qualifiers (Zangersheide and Hanover) 
1 AK High Valley Z Jos Lansink (BEL) 47 punten 
1989 KWPN v. Ahorn (KWPN) mv. Conte (Holstein) 
2 Gonzo Go Manfred Scheid (GER) 35 
1993 Oldenburg v. Grannus (Hannover) mv. Zeus SF 
3 Lucky Boy D Manfred Scheid (GER) 33 
1993 Rheinland v. Lucky Luke (Holstein) mv. Gotthard (Hannover) 
4 Polymiro Daniel Meech (GER) 27 
1993 Westfalen v. Polydor (Westfalen) mv. Ramiro Z (Holstein) 
5 Stieglmayer's Radiator René Tebbel (GER) 26 
1987 Hannover v .Raphael (Westfalen) mv. San Fernando SF 
5 Tlaloc M Reynald Angot (FRA) 26 
1991 SF v. Quidam de Revel SF mv. Foudre de Guerre SF 
7 Le Bon Willem Greve (NED) 24 
1993 KWPN v. Guidam SF mv. Candyboy KWPN 
8 Loro Piana Fighting Alpha Lars Nieberg (GER) 22 
1991 KWPN v. Landjonker (Oldenburg) mv. Farn (Holstein) 
8 AK Caridor Z Jos Lansink (BEL) 22 
1991 Holstein v. Caretino (Holstein) mv. Lantaan (Holstein) 
10 Glenfiddich Marco Kutscher (GER) 21 
1993 Hannover v. Graf Grannus (Hannover) mv. Werther (Hannover) 
11 Lincoln Albert Zoer (NED) 20 
1993 KWPN v. Faldo KWPN mv. Bredero KWPN 
12 Paramo K Franke Sloothaak (GER) 19 
1992 Westfalen v. Polydor (Westfalen) mv. Der Clou (Westfalen) 
12 Gran Corrado Yves Houtackers (NED) 19 
1993 Oldenburg v. Grannus (Hannover) mv. Corrado I (Holstein) 
14 Gio Granno Franke Sloothaak (GER) 18 
1990 Oldenburg v. Grannus (Hannover) mv. Ramino (Westfalen) 
14 Fuego de Prelet Dirk Demeersman (BEL) 18 
1993 SF v. Jalisco B SF mv. Uriel SF