ThinLine Saddle Pads Sponsor International Trainer, Betsy Steiner, as a Featured Rider

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Those attending the USDF convention this week will have the chance to get their holiday shopping done at the USDF Trade Fair. DressageDaily is here, on the scene, as we introduce new member to our Virtual Vendor's Village. ThinLine, Inc makers of the revolutionary ThinLine saddle pads and riding accessories announced their sponsorship of International dressage trainer and competitor, Betsy Steiner. American World Championship team member, Betsy Steiner is one of the country’s most respected trainers and competitors. Steiner will be one of the convvention's featured speakers at the convention this week jam packed with an unprecedented roster of eduacational opportunities for the Dressage enthusiast.

“I love the shock absorbing effects of the ThinLine pads,” said Steiner, “They are a tremendous benefit to both horse and rider. I find it helps my horses relax their backs, enabling my younger horses to exhibit far more confidence in their training. I am also enthused about the close contact between rider and horse the new sleek pad design provides. The technology involved is outstanding.”

The unique ThinLine technology is open-cell foam, which moves shock, weight and heat laterally along the pad, boot or girth. When warmed to body temperature through exercise, the ThinLine products conform to the horses back, leg or girth area. Upon removing this equipment and returning it to room temperature, the ThinLine products regain their original shape, allowing a custom fit for every horse every day.

“Team Steiner” is comprised of Betsy Steiner, Jessie Steiner, and their professional staff. Steiner Dressage offers comprehensive training program for horses and riders. Betsy Steiner is also the author of “A Gymnastic Riding System Using Mind, Body and Spirit “ and developed the innovative Equilates Stretch Workout. The positive effect of the ThinLne products on the horse and rider attracted Steiner to the product line. “After the first few rides in the ThinLine saddle pads, I noticed a positive difference’, said Steiner, who has now thoroughly integrated the ThinLine products into the Team Steiner program.

Among the diverse products ThinLine produces, Steiner was also very impressed with the ThinLine reins. “The ThinLine reins are a fantastic”, said Steiner, “These reins are very comfortable to hold, and more importantly, they don’t slip. They actually help the rider develop a soft, effective contact with the horse”, she added.

The combination of Betsy Steiner and ThinLine products was natural fit. Steiner expressed that she is incorporating the ThinLine products into her training programs both in Ringoes, New Jersey and Wellington, Florida to provide the positive benefits to all of the Team Steiner horses and students.

Photo: Betsy Steiner now a Featured Rider for ThinLine,Inc (photo by

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