Thankful at Thanksgiving 2005

By Stacy Gormley

2005 has produced an endless list of things to be thankful for. After surviving a strong season of hurricanes, most Floridians will admit that the normal, everyday luxuries of safety and convenience are sometimes overlooked or taken for granted. Not until you go 10 days without electricity and hot showers can you realize just how grateful you are for electricity and technology. Not until you get word that your precious horses have survived the storm and are happy and healthy can you realize how grateful you are for sturdy construction. But above and beyond the hurricanes and other natural disasters that have hit our turf this year, we have much to be thankful for.

During this holiday, our families and friends who support and encourage us to reach for the stars get a moment in the spotlight of our appreciation. Those who provide for us and stand relentlessly at the sidelines cheering us on and crossing their fingers during our rides deserve our love and acknowledgment. Have you called those special people in your life and thanked them for all they do for you? Have you expressed to them your appreciation of their time and constant devotion they show you every day of the year?

Another blessing that deserves our thanksgiving and acknowledgment during this holiday season is our horses. If we are honest with ourselves, we can all admit that a horse can teach a person a lot about love, devotion, loyalty, perseverance and sacrifice. You would be hard pressed to find another example of such qualities. Our horses never give up on us and will keep trying until they fall over if it means pleasing us. The trust us unconditionally and are constantly eager to see us and spend time with us every day. Have you taken your horse on a trail ride lately or just spent a day “hanging out” with your horse? We are so fortunate to have the opportunities that we do to have these incredible friends and athletes in our lives, and we need to take a moment out of our time and let them know how loved and appreciated they really are to us. Remember, no rider is a rider without their horse underneath them.

May we never forget the ways in which we have been blessed, especially at this time of year. Inevitably, we will someday have to part with these precious friends, family and animals, so today let’s take the time out to live in the moment with them and let them know how loved they are!

Happy Thanksgiving From