Thank You DressageDaily Readers!!!

We want to thank everyone who responded to our campaign to add more members to our mailing list. I just got the report this morning, and recognized many names, and saw many new ones. And… we love you comments. They help us to know what you are looking for in coverage, and also warm our hearts.

We are packing it in today to head out to Paxton Farm CDI, in Ohio. Our new reporter on the West Coast, Angelea Kelly is on her way to DG Bar in California, so look for the news to come in next week from Central and Western USA. Tomorrow we will have our Wednesday Euro Update from eurodressage.

We are still looking for more names, so if you haven't already, please sign our mailing list, tell all your friends, and soon you will be getting news of added features, stories, and horses for sale. We have just added more updates to horsemarket, so be sure to check it out.

Here’s what some of you said – Thank you again.

  • "Checking DressageDaily has been part of my morning routine almost from your start, I overheard Mary telling someone about it at Devon the year you went online (1997) & have been hooked ever since- thanks & keep on keepin' on!"
  • "As your story describes, your site starts my morning off on a pleasant note each day. Thanks."
  • "You’re my favorite site!"
  • "Thank you for the wonderful pictures and news. I visit every day to stay informed."
  • "I have been looking everyday almost for 6 years."
  • "Heard from the novel "Dark Horse" by: Tami Hoag"
  • "Great, personal updates. Love the horsemarket."
  • Great site, could cover more than just Florida circuit, perhaps expanding with more reporters"
  • "I love DressageDaily! Keep up the great work!!!"
  • "I Love your website, I check it every day!"
  • "I read your website daily and am always filling in my dressage colleagues with the "latest" info! Thanks for a great product!"
  • "I log into dressage daily EVERY day"
  • "Great Job. Would like to here more about the west coast too"
  • "I love the coverage of the Andalusians and Lusitanos!"
  • "This sight is brilliant. Check it daily (no pun intended) DD keeps me well informed and feeling less isolated. It is also inspiring and motivating!"
  • "Thanks for the great service you provide; I check every day"
  • "I sign on your site first thing in the morning 5 days a week. It's a wonderful site."
  • "I love the variety of articles and information on dressage and your adventures!"
  • "Faithful follower for years...thanks for the GREAT job!!!!"
  • "I bought a horse from your horse market and it was a great experience"
  • "Love your website and all the dressage info. Loved keeping up with all the scores this winter as my instructor (Melissa Jackson") was a constant in some of the biggest classes this winter. THANKS for the great job!"
  • "You have a fabulous service and website! I had many responses to my Horsemarket ad and sold my horse through your site! Thank you!"
  • "You are great! Keep up the good work - I look forward to visiting your site everyday to see the news and updates"
  • "I like your articles and recommended horsemarket to friends as a place to find a horse."
  • "Your up to date show results always keeps me posted on how well everyone's doing that is from my region'
  • "LOVE LOVE LOVE the site - visit everyday!!"
  • "I love DressageDaily. I count on it to keep me updated on dressage news."
  • "Thanks for having this wonderful site!"
  • "We love eurodressage, check it every day."