Texas Rose Horse Park-As Sweet As the Name

Area V welcomed a new USEA event venue last weekend, Texas Rose Horse Park in Tyler, Texas. It is never easy putting on a new event, but it is especially challenging when dealing with record-breaking rain and snow across the area. Yes, it snowed in Texas – at least twice in February while they were finishing the cross-country course.

123 horses entered the first event of the season: 16 P, 31 T, 50 N and 26 BN. The competitors pulled their horses and trailers out of the mud that has swallowed most of Area V this winter, put on their mud boots and raincoats, and ventured into the unknown. Friday was cold and wet, and many thought the rain would never stop. Saturday the sun came out for dressage and SJ, which were held in outdoor rings with wonderful all weather footing, even the warm-up areas held up nicely.

With the sun and a gentle breeze all day Saturday, and vigilant work by the course designer Carsten Meyer and the TRHP crew, the brand new cross country course had a chance to dry out and be ready for action. Sunday was another incredible bright sunny day – perfect for a gallop in the park. 106 horses left the X-C Start Box to enjoy the course. The medical personnel were left alone to just watch the competition and enjoy the beautiful day.

Jennifer Lewis on Authentique won Novice Rider A on her dressage score of 28.30. They were tied for fourth with Julia Denton on Win/Win Situation after dressage and both were double clear on SJ, which tied them for third. Authentique moved into first after both horses went double clear on X-C but she was closer to optimum time. Win/Win Situation was second on a 28.30 dressage score.

TRHP has a USEA event the third weekend in June and they finish out the Area V calendar with an event the last weekend in November.

Texas Rose Horse Park  Tyler, Texas
Texas Rose Results  USEA Eventing