Ten Broeck Farm Opening Session of the Sporthorse Science and Handling Academy To Begin June 16

“Conception to Retirement: Keeping Your Horse Sound for a Lifetime through Education”

Dr. Christian Schacht teaches conformation assessment with handler and co-owner of Ten Broeck Farm, Phil Silva
Dr. Christian Schacht teaches conformation assessment with handler and co-owner of Ten Broeck Farm, Phil Silva

Pepperell, MA, Ten Broeck Farm will launch the new Sporthorse Science and Handling Academy with its opening sessions to be held June 16-18, 2011. This new academy focuses on the entire equine lifecycle. Christian Schacht, DVM and Phil Silva, the creators of the academy, will be the featured instructors. Silva explains, “The launch of our new academy will focus on education in conformation, free jumping and working on the triangle. It also includes valuable guidance and inspection preparation for owners, breeders, trainers and riders.” Silva has been working with horses for over 25 years and is well known as a clinician and for his impeccable ground work at shows and inspections.

Dr. Christian Schacht is a prominent German veterinarian, breeder, trainer and riding instructor who also holds the prestigious position of Breeding Director for the International Sporthorse Registry. Dr. Schacht also uses his profound expertise in Germany as a licensed dressage, jumping judge and has judged Breed Shows here in the US. He has led rankings for several years in both Dressage and Combination in student rider divisions, including two German championships. He is a respected lecturer, author and instructor who appeals to equestrians of all ages and disciplines. Dr.
Schacht has published 7 books, his most recent being about Conformation.

Silva’s passion for training and proper handling translates into remarkable performances by horses of all ages and ensures their safety. He consistently demonstrates an innate understanding of how to work a horse from the ground and continuously teaches how that work can significantly improve a person’s riding and overall relationship with each horse.

With several sessions being given over the course of four days,the academy also encourages auditors of all ages and levels to attend. The first two full days will be dedicated to “Ride, Critique, Ride” sessions with Dr. Schacht. Saturday, June 18 will consist of a “Conformation Clinic” with Dr. Schacht and Phil Silva.

The event concludes on Sunday, June 19 with a “Qualifier for the Dressage4Kids' Youth Dressage Festival.” This is a qualifier for Conformation and Handlers Classes at Lendon Gray’s Youth Dressage Festival in Saugerties, NY (July 8-10, see www.dressage4kids.com for Festival details.) This program begins with a morning session to discuss conformation and scoring with Dr. Schacht, and then proceeds to working on the triangle with Phil Silva, concluding with free jumping.

About Ten Broeck Farm

Ten Broeck Farm is a 14 acre equestrian center specializing in the art of dressage. Phil and Orintha Silva share a combined 65 years of equine experience with every client. Orintha works with both Warmbloods and Lusitanos offering lessons, training and on location coaching. Phil specializes in professional handling for breed shows/inspections, equine valet services and international horse sourcing for clients. Clients and horses enjoy a fabulous indoor arena with viewing room, heated tack room, matted aisles and matted stalls.

For more information, fees and details regarding this session as well as the Sporthorse Science and Handling Academy please visit www.tenbroeckfarm.net
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