The Team Romantic Syndication

Percentages of Ownership in Dressage Horse Syndication

Percentages of ownership of Romantic are allocated to the syndicate participants based on the individual levels of financial investment. Each owner is also responsible for contributing his/her proportionate share of all charges, costs and expenses incurred in connection with the keeping, maintenance, care, showing, promotion and handling of Romantic.

The syndicate maintains a comprehensive insurance policy on Romantic to guard against any loss or liability incurred in connection with the activities of the horse. All major decisions are made by majority vote of the syndicate participants.

At some point, we will be faced with the difficult decision of whether and when to sell Romantic. In the meantime, we are enjoying this wonderful opportunity to participate as owners of an upper –level dressage horse at a fraction of the usual cost. Even more importantly, we are delighting in watching Bill and Romantic soar up the levels cheered on at every step of the way by the Team Romantic owners.
Donna Cameron

Since the syndication was formed Romantic and Bill Warren did not fail to deliver. In 2005 the pair wasRegion 8 Champion 3rd Level, Oldenburg Horse of the Year 3rd level

In 2006 he has won many 4th level classes in Florida and since stepping up to in 3 Prix St Georges so far he has won all three with high scores.

Romantic and Bill Warren can be seen this fall in the NEDA Fall Festival as well as Dressage at Devon.