The Team Concept Works for Performance Dressage

North or South, Cesar Parra's Performance Farms Offers Clients Year-Round Flexibility and Service

The team concept is one big reason why Cesar has had so much success in his life developing both horses and riders. In less than a decade, he has made Performance Farms into a full-service facility with an amazing success rate. Not only has the farm trained some of the world's best dressage horses, it has also trained many of today's best young riders and best adult amateur riders, many of whom are now an important part of the Performance Farm team. And "team" is clearly one of the most important words to Cesar.

"Many people use the word "team" but I really believe in it," Cesar said. "One of my goals in creating Performance Farms was to build a team of excellent people who work together to bring success to our students and to the horses."

It's because he's met that goal that Cesar said he is able to keep both barns running this winter. "We have a great team and can now rotate our team members between the barns through the winter. This way, riders and horses at both barns will always have access to good instructors and good trainers," he said. "I'll be in New Jersey for the month of December and then Katie Riley will be there for January. Kevin and Marcus will be there for February and March. We tried this rotation last year for the first time and it worked really well."

With its two locations, Performance Farms is now within reach of riders up and down the East Coast.

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