Tami Hoag's Sequel to Dark Horse, The Alibi Man Due to be Released in March

For those of you who read Tami Hoag's NY Times best seller, Dark Horse, pull it from the shelf for a re-read, to reacquaint yourself with the characters, because the sequel is coming soon! DressageDaily is an associate with Amazon.com, which means you just need to hover your mouse over the book image to order. If you haven't yet read the thriller written by famed mystery novelist and dressage star, it's a must. It is also the perfect Holiday gift for a friend who has yet to enjoy the entertaining tale based in Wellington where many of the characters are recognizable to those of us. Tami even mentions HorsesDaily.com in the book several times, when her character Elena Estes is researching for information.

In Dark Horse, "Elena Estes, a former cop whose bravado on the force resulted in a colleague's death; it also cost her her job and her self-esteem had been keeping a low profile at a friend's Florida ranch, but her world is disrupted when 12-year-old Molly Seabright, wise beyond her years, attempts to hire Elena to find her older sister, As Elena digs deeper into Erin's disappearance, the dark side of the horse-show set is revealed. Hoag (Night Sins; Dust to Dust), herself an experienced equestrian, shows off her dressage-to-showing knowledge of the sport as she weaves behind-the-scenes tidbits about the training, competitions, horse brokers and grooms into a plot that gallops along." From Publisher's Weekly

In the new book, Alibi Man, Elena finds a friend murdered and dumped in a canal. As she begins to investigate she finds that her friend led a double life as a groom and as a party girl playing with the Palm Beach elite--especially a group of wealthy bad boys who give each other alibis for a multitude of sins. Including murder? Stay tuned. One of those bad boys is a man from Elena's past--a man she knows has escaped justice at least once in his life--the man she nearly married twenty years before. The man who turned her life in a direction that estranged her from her family, and ultimately made her the screwed-up person she is today.

Lots of intrigue in this one. Set in Wellington against the backdrop of the international polo scene. And throw in the Russian mob for some extra tension. The Alibi Man is scheduled to be released in late March 2007.

Meanwhile, Tami Hoag is back in Florida busy training with Betsy Steiner preparing for the upcoming season. With all the intrigue going on in Welly World these days, I am sure there is plenty one new material brewing in her brain.

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