Tami Crawford's Grand Prix Horse, Dakota Broadened Her Horizons

Christy Lynn Hart

Another horse that taught Christy many lessons of life and riding was Tami Crawford's Grand Prix horse, Dakota (Donnerhall x Finette, Oldenburg). "When I worked for Tami, I was given the opportunity to ride Tami's Grand Prix horse, Dakota. It was intimidating to ride a horse that had accomplished so much. Dakota was no schoolmaster. You had to do it right, or he wouldn't do it. He gave me a seat, and taught me more than any other horse how very important is the seat. When Dakota died in 2006, it was like losing a trusted friend and teacher for me. I owe him so much," Christy said.

Of her current mounts, Christy has a great young Thoroughbred named Coin Toss, affectionately known as Flip (Won Song x Lilly Laredo by Irish Tower). "Flip is my current horse. He has three wonderful gaits and a fantastic mind. I have had him for a year, and I feel like I am just getting to know him. He is a fun horse, but not the easiest ride. As Tami says, 'Flip is like a fine wine. He will be good in his own time.'"

Christy Lynn Hart Credits Family, Friends and Students for Her Success