Talking Dressage at the 2005 USEF Annual Convention

Diana de Rosa is live "on the scene" at the 2005 USEF Annual Convention covering the event exclusively for

"Things are different at the USEF these days. Now the organization has a National and a High Performance division and this means that dressage events are being split between the two groups. With this evolution comes decision making and creativity on how to divide yet keep everything cohesive. That was one of the issues being discussed among the dressage enthusiasts at the USEF Convention. But that was only the tip of the iceberg. Getting a better rapport and more respect from the FEI, achieving more exposure for its events, considering and implementing new ideas and continuing with what’s in place while maintaining a level of excellence that must be accomplished were all among the issues that were discussed.

In attending the various meetings I discovered that not many final decisions were being made but a lot of potential ideas and suggestions were brought up."

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