A Talented Teacher

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Cesar’s talent extends beyond his own riding to that of teacher and his success is evident in his students. He is quite proud of his students, who range from developing young riders to international professionals – Michael Shondel, assistant Katie Riley, Julie McKean, Brooke Feldman, Emily Wagner, Keven Kohmann, Claudia Arnold, Eduardo Munoz, Raul Corchuelo and Paige Peters. Their successes through the years have made Cesar very proud.

These successes include Shondel and Wallaby leading the Region 3 team to a team Gold at the 2003 North American Young Rider Championships; Gabriel Armando representing Argentina at the 2003 Pan American Games where he achieved his goal of qualifying for the Freestyle competition at the Pan American Games; Riley and Emmy Adwers earning their USDF Gold Medals in 2003; junior rider Julie McKean and Jackson gathering blue ribbons over the past two years. Adwers also took a regional championship two years in a row. In 2003 she was the USDF Region 8 champion in both Intermediaire II and Grand Prix. In 2004, she was the Region 1 champion at Intermediaire II and Grand Prix. Although Cesar gives credit to the talent of his students, his guidance has clearly played a role in their successes.

What Matters Most