Taking a Break on the River Rhine

Several of the American group took a relaxing ride on a ferry traveling north on the Rhine river right from the showgrounds of the Bad Honnef Dressage Show which gently wound its way past castles, and towns.

Relaxing that is until on the way back a ferocious storm forced the ferry to pull into a dock and stay put until the sheets of rain subsided. All mobile phones were buzzing as they worried about the horses back at the showgrounds in temporary stabling. With the Grand Prix Freestyle set to begin at eight PM, there was also concern that organizer Uwe Spenlen might not have at least two riders, Kathleen Raine and Guenter Seidel for his class! The storm passed as quickly as it hit and the ferry was underway.

As we disembarked to find the arenas flooded, and some tents down and branches and leaves everywhere, the amazing ring crew quickly repaired the damage, and the show was underway barely missing a beat. The temporary arenas created each year handled the vast amounts of water beautifully, actually improving the already excellent condition of the rings. All was well with the horses too, as the stables barely shuttered from the wind.

Pictured from the boat with the beautiful town of Linz in the background are, from left to right, Anabele Balkenhol, Sue Blinks, Guenter Seidel with his mother and brother, Kathleen Raine and husband David Whiteman.

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