Susan Blinks Shining at WEG

She commented, "I was very happy with my performance in the Grand Prix Special. Flim Flam wasn't as electric as he was in the Grand Prix, but because of that, I wasn't struggling with him as much. It takes time to earn your way with the judges. The brilliance could improve. Flim Flam is a thousand different horses. He's very sensitive, very reactive. I was surprised with all the clapping he didn't react to it all today, when yesterday he was doing a rodeo with all the cheering and clapping. He is a horse of the moment, always changing, always elegant."

BCM's Hoefslag writing about Flim Flam
"The Hannoverian Flim Flam (by Wilhem Tell) has everything to be a top dressage horse: elegance, power, expression and three fantastic basic gaits. He still experiences some problems with the pirouettes but Susan Blinks can correct them very well and Flim Flam is only eleven years old. There will be a time that he will shimmer and shine."

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